Renewable Fuels/
Energy Independence

Freedom Energy Converts Waste Into Low Cost Renewable Energy.
Freedom Energy Systems Are:

Fully Automated
Seamlessly  Integrated
Risk Free
Video Link above shows Freedom
facilities processing waste to fuel.
Experience and Expertise
Over 25 years experience in  waste to fuel production.  
    Freedom Energy designs, engineers, operates and finances proven turnkey systems for all your waste processing needs. The dedicated team of executives and engineers are experts in the processing of municipal solid waste into predictable clean fuel.  

Renewable energy will be the most popular energy when it is the least expensive energy.
Freedom Energy's  mission is to produce the cleanest, least expensive, renewable energy possible.

​​Our Mission

Freedom Clean Energy Solutions
Freedom Energy provides consistent and economical solid fuel alternatives that meet
renewable portfolio standards and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  1. Engineered Solutions
    Freedom Energy's engineering group has 25 years of experience in designing systems that embrace the harsh environment of processing waste materials. Freedom uses high strength metals and poly carbonate materials in building its processing systems.
  2. Environmental Solutions
    Freedom Energy diverts over ~90% of the waste processed into recovered recyclables and PEF (Process Engineered Fuel). Materials that were previously going to the landfill are used to replace the burning of fossil fuels.
  3. PEF
    Freedom Energy produces the cleanest Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) from waste in the industry. PEF is cleaner than the industry standard of RDF. The PEF produced in Orlando and the DOE’s Savannah River Site is among the first MSW ever gasified.
  4. Economic Solutions
    Freedom Energy processing facilities convert unsorted MSW, commercial and post MRF residuals into clean alternative, renewable energy products. These materials are processed for less than the landfill tipping fee and the PEF is sold for less than the price of coal.
  5. Modular
    Freedom Energy's Intellectual Property is focused in the unique vertically integrated separation trains. Each full system is comprised of individual separation modules. Each module can be removed, updated and reinserted without interruption to the process.
  6. Scalable
    Each Freedom Energy train is capable of processing 200 tons per day. To increase facility throughput, additional processing lines can be added parallel to the existing systems without impacting daily operations.
  7. Flexible
    Freedom Energy's unique and proprietary approach offers limitless flexibility to the waste and energy industries. The processing systems ability to convert a variety of waste materials into a variety of energy products is unmatched in this industry.
  8. Fully Automated
    Freedom Energy systems do not require any dedicated personnel reaching into the waste stream. Handpicking systems are expensive and represent a long-term health liability to the owners.
  9. Utility Grade Duty Cycle
    Built on a reputation for heavy duty, rugged equipment, Freedom Energy engineers and build the highest quality, longest lasting recycling systems in the world. Freedom Energy is the industry leader in incorporating state-of-the-art technology, unsurpassed workmanship, and superior customer service.