Freedom Energy is supported by a dedicated team of seasoned executives, professional engineers,
energy experts and contractors with extensive backgrounds in the processes used in the
conversion of MSW to fuel.  Freedom Energy  has skilled  local craftsmen experienced in fabrication,
production, manufacturing processes and environmental sciences.
Nat Mundy
President/ CEO
Nat has over 25 years of experience in executive and managerial leadership in global renewable energy technologies and
markets.  Nat has a successful track record of developing and completing renewable energy projects that provide
economically driven, environmentally sensitive solutions to commercial, industrial and municipal environments.
As CEO of Freedom Renewable Energy Enterprises, (FREE) LLC, Nat owned and operated a process engineered fuel
company employing over 45 full time employees with annual revenue stream of over $2 million. FREE was the
largest private company on Orlando’s largest theme park property.  Nat has extensive experience in designing,
building, installing, operating  and commercializing a number of successful, innovative projects. Included in this
list are: fully automated waste to fuel separation systems, automated pelletizing systems, fuel feed processing and
storage technologies, thermal dehydration processes, thermal gasification systems, bio-chemical gasification systems, 
gas reforming technologies, cold-plasma reactors, gas-to-liquids technologies, catalytic reformation processes
and hydrogen enhanced combustion systems. Nat has a unique depth of experience with the vertical integration
of emerging technologies and utilizes this knowledge to provide cost competitive garbage to grid, (cradle to grave) turn-key
systems. Nat Mundy is also an environmental market specialist. As past CEO of Carbon Offset Origination, a Renewable
Energy Credit (REC) development and marketing company, Nat has worked extensively with state government officials
and iconic corporations throughout the U.S. to develop comprehensive / coordinated environmental policies.  
Nat’s client list embraces some of the largest corporations in the U.S.  He is the renewable technology advisor to the
past Chairman of the Florida Energy Task Force, Governor's Energy and Climate Action Team and the current
Chair of the Policy Advisory Board of the Florida Solar Energy Center.  He has been a featured presenter at
multiple energy industry, technical associations, government policy forums and conferences. He is often called upon
to speak on issues involving the removal of regulatory barriers, implementation of next generation technologies,
emerging technologies markets, and the reality (vs. theory) of renewable project development and operations. 
Nat is well recognized around the Cleantech industry as a leader in articulating the trends and issues facing
renewable energy, complex market policy, renewable technologies and un-standardized commodities.
Nat has served on numerous boards.  Nat Mundy holds a B.S. in Business Administration from The Citadel.
Shiva Wilson
VP Product Development
Shiva has more than 15 years of experience in product design, development, engine control and management
systems,  thermodynamics and gas chromatography. Shiva has an in-depth understanding of physics and chemistry
related to R/ICE combustion.  He has extensive experience in cold plasma gas clean up reformation systems
of fuels and carbonaceous matter into Syngas.  Shiva is credited with developing a cold plasma catalytic partial
oxidation technology for use with various hydrocarbon feed stocks for the production of high quality synthesis gas. 
He has developed and commercialized the next generation of gasification to syngas to drop in fuels technology. 
Shiva Wilson graduated from Florida Eastern State College with a degree in Automotive Engineering Technologies.
Dave Johnson
VP Production

Dave has over thirty-two years of experience in the industrial construction industry managing projects
ranging from structural steel erection to paper mills, steel mills, and chemical plants.  He worked with 
BE & K Engineering and Construction in Birmingham AL., where he was a General Craft Superintendent
and a Master Rigger Instructor. Since 1992, Dave Johnson has focused his talents and experience on the
recycling industry.  Mr. Johnson began with auto shredder installations and service and moved into MSW
projects in 1994.  Dave has been operating in the recycling industry as a premier installer of modern
recycling systems since 1999.  Dave has performed recycling system installations as well as service and/or 
repairs to equipment associated with municipal waste recycling and steel recycling.  In the last fifteen years,
Dave has worked at over one hundred different customer locations, installing more than 90 major recycling system projects.
Adam A. Gentile
Director of Research and Technical Development
 Adam has been involved in plasma physics and cold-plasma technology for the past 2 years.  He has
served as lead research analyst in several continuous-run operations of cold plasma catalytic partial oxidation
technology for use with various hydrocarbon feed stocks for the production of high quality synthesis gas
and Synthetic Fuel production using Fischer-Tropsch technology.  
Adam graduated from the University of South Florida and holds a
BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering.
Thomas Yonge
P.E. Associate & Senior Consultant
Mr. Yonge is a registered professional engineer with 17 years of experience serving public and private clients in program
and project management of civil engineering, renewable energy, water/wastewater/hydraulic engineering,
storm water management, site design, transportation, and solid waste facilities projects. 
He has specific project and program management experience with multiple waste to energy projects,
including waste to biofuels, landfill gas to energy, anaerobic digestion, mass burn incineration 
and biomass pelletization. In addition to his engineering work, he has also done extensive work in the areas of
obtaining permits and Federal, State, and Local approvals, conducting funding feasibility and providing
environmental studies and site reports for a diverse set of waste to energy clients in the United States,
the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Middle East/North Africa Region.