Freedom Energy is recognized for understanding the environmental, social, and economic drivers behind renewable energy.  That’s why we offer both services and products that will continue to meet the growing demand and need for enterprise-wide sustainable practices.  We have helped our clients achieve a vast range of goals in areas such as material waste processing and waste to renewable fuels. 


  1. 100% Project Financing
    Freedom Energy has partnered with a multi-national group that will provide funding for our sustainable infrastructure projects. Complete project financing does not require any funding from the municipality or host industry. We eliminate all technical, financial and political risk.
  2. Consulting
    We perform fuel audits and feasibility studies to determine if sufficient markets and materials are available to ensure project success. We are experts in converting post-consumer waste into a clean predictable homogenous fuel that can be used to displace fossil fuels in existing industrial boilers and kilns.
  3. Project Management
    Our highly experienced project management team is dedicated to ensure all your objectives are met and expectations are exceeded in all areas. We work hand-in-hand with you to clearly define the project goals, scope of work, and project milestones.
  4. Engineering
    Freedom Energy's fully automated, fuel processing system is engineered to a utility grade duty cycle. Our unique process has a vertically integrated design that is modular, scalable and flexible.
  5. Market Development
    The price of energy is determined by the cost of fuel. Energy created from fossil fuel is historically expensive and dirty. The PEF produced from Freedom technology is low cost and in demand to replace coal in boilers and kilns.
  6. Project Development
    Freedom Energy offers project flexibility. Developing your project to maximize economic and environmental benefits. Project structure options include build, own and operate to complete project financing. Our experience and expertise will optimize your projects success.